Martha Behind Her BoothAbout Me

I started my button jewelry business in the fall of 2007, a year after I retired as an elementary school teacher. I have always had an interest in history, having grown up surrounded by antiques and with parents who taught me to appreciate old things. I’ve always loved buttons. I used to play with buttons from my mother’s button box for hours on the living room rug. That didn’t stop once I grew up! I started experimenting with ways I could wear some of the pretty buttons I had. That led to a rather large collection of jewelry and to the beginnings of my button jewelry business.

I love all aspects of my craft…the search for buttons, the designing, the history I uncover and the wonderful connections I’ve made while talking to people at craft shows and farmers markets. I am a teacher and I guess I always will be. It’s very rewarding to be able to share knowledge of any kind and to have it be appreciated.

Jewelry DisplayAbout the Jewelry

The buttons I use were made from a variety of materials, each one reflecting the era in which it was made. Most are from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century. As all have value as collectibles, much care has gone into preserving the integrity of the buttons in the making of the jewelry.

My goal is to create pieces that are attractive and one-of-a kind. The buttons are the focal point of each piece of jewelry I make. I augment them with wire or crystal and vintage findings and chains, but the buttons are the “stars”.

I provide a card that includes historical information about the buttons I’ve used in each piece, so people go away with something pretty to wear and a little bit of knowledge that they may not have known before.

I tend to use vintage findings and chain whenever possible, but please note that ear wires are surgical steel for your comfort and safety.